As with any renovation or building project certain decision need to be made. With stone it is really is quite simple, when deciding on natural stone like marble and granite always inspect the individual slabs, when choosing engineered stone simply select the colour.

Step 1. Selection

Select from a block of slabs when choosing marble or granite, a block is like a loaf of bread and the slabs the slices cut from the loaf. Engineered stone or man made stone is very consistent in colour and you can simply select the colour you like. Natural stone varies it is as mother nature made it, so look at the slabs which will be used as they may vary from a small sample.

Step 2. Templating

Once your cabinets or substrates are ready call us and on of our fully trained experienced templaters will be onsite to produce a template to ensure accuracy. This will then be brought back to one of our factories and put into production. Generally MJG Stone runs on a 5 day turnaround from template to install. This may vary depending on complexity of job.

Step 3. Cutting

MJG utalises the latest in stone manufacturing equipment such as digital bridge saws and CNC water jet cutters to turn the rough slab into your ordered item. Almost anything is possible in regards to manufacturing, so please dont hesitate to ask if we can do it.

Step 4. Manufacture

Our team of craftsmen will undertake all the shaping and polishing of your stone kitchen to ensure a perfectly polished edge and joining pieces marry together. All manufacture is undertaken with wet diamond tooling to minimise any health risk to our staff. All process of laminating shaping and polishing are undertaken at this stage. After this is complete a protective plastic is applied to help protect the surface.

Step 5. Delivery

Your stone kitchen bench top is transported to site, ready for the installation process. All loads are strapped / tied down to minimise any damage during transport.

Step 6. Installation

Your stone kitchen bench top will be fixed in place by a team of our installers, backed by years of experience they will ensure that joins will be level, and the stone fits perfectly to your cabinets. Any trimming and cut outs will be done as required to maximize the aesthetic qualities of your marble or granite bench tops. All gaps are gap filled to ensure vermin proofing and stone is siliconed to cabinets.

Step 7. Finished

Your dream stone bench top is finished and ready for use. A thourough clean up is carried out, protective plastic wrap is removed and the surface cleaned down. In the case of Natural stones being used, we reccomend a professional sealer is organised ASAP to avoid staining. MJG can organise this for you.