When the word “marble” comes to mind, you may be looking at marble as a bit of a coin flip: it’s beautiful, elegant, and timeless, but it’s also expensive. Is it worth the cost? Let’s take another look at marble. Trust us, marble is right for you, and here are a couple reasons why.

1. Durable and Lasting

When you’re building something, you want it to last. Everyone knows marble is a great material to make statues out of, but did you also know that marble is waterproof and heat resistant?

This makes it a particularly good material to use to enhance your bathroom surroundings or use to create a luxurious mantle that your family can cherish for generations. In fact, marble is an ideal material to use in the foyer, bathroom, flooring, or hearth because it’s waterproof and heat resistant qualities allow you to create a warm, inviting, elegant feel that will hold up to the test of time.

2. Style

Natural stone can be polished, honed, or even flamed for a different texture and look that is unique to you. Polished stone will give you a high gloss reflection that brightens a room.

The polished look is suitable and well-loved for walls, furniture tops, and even floor tiles. Honing the stone will give you the same smooth finish, but without the gloss and it is perfect for high traffic zones such as stairs. Flaming the stone gives it a rough texture which can give your home a personality all its own.

Marble is one of those unique materials you can truly make your own. It comes in an array of colours, veining designs, and thickness. It can be cut to fit an array of surfaces to make the most of your personal style.

Marble’s durability is guaranteed to last in commercial buildings or homes for many, many generations to come.